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Artisan Cheeses


White and Orange in Mild, Medium and Aged

Mild CheddarMild CheddarMedium CheddarMedium CheddarAged CheddarAged Cheddar







Mild White CheddarMild White Cheddar

Aged White CheddarAged White Cheddar









Spiced Cheddar

Bacon, Cajun, Chili, Chilipeno, Dill, Garlic, Jake's Special Blend, Jalapeno, Maple Bacon, Onion & Parsley, Smoked, Roasted Garlic & Peppers, Horseradish, Bacon Onion, Bacon Garlic

Bacon CheddarBacon Cheddar

Cajun CheddarCajun Cheddar

Chili CheddarChili Cheddar

Chilipeno CheddarChilipeno Cheddar





Dill CheddarDill Cheddar

Garlic CheddarGarlic Cheddar



Jake's Special Blend CheddarJake's Special Blend Cheddar



Jalapeno CheddarJalapeno CheddarMaple Bacon CheddarMaple Bacon CheddarOnion & Parsley CheddarOnion & Parsley Cheddar





Smoked CheddarSmoked Cheddar


Roasted Garlic & Peppers CheddarRoasted Garlic & Peppers Cheddar






Horseradish CheddarHorseradish Cheddar



Cheese Curd

Old Fashioned White and Orange



Monterey Jack

Mild, Medium, Aged, Garlic Monterey Jack, Smokey Monterey Jack, Red Hot Monterey Jack

Monterey JackMonterey Jack

Garlic Monterey JackGarlic Monterey Jack

Smokey Monterey JackSmokey Monterey Jack







Red Hot Monterey JackRed Hot Monterey Jack








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