D Dutchmen Dairy A2 Milk & Cheese

If you have developed a sensitivity to milk products and think you might be lactose intolerant, that might not be the case! The difference is in the protein. There are two types of casein found in milk: A1 and A2. Milk and cheese produced with only the A2 casein has been found to be easier to digest.  

A2 Dairy Products

Our line-up of A2 dairy products include A2 whole milk, A2 Cheddar Cheese and A2 Cheese Curds. Try it for yourself, taste the difference and enjoy milk again! 

A2 Milk Production

Our A2 Milk is sourced from a small family owned farm in beautiful Sicamous, BC. These happy healthy cows are 100% registered and certified to produce only delicious A2 milk.

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